Business Services


YouTube Media

One of the most effective ways to showcase transparency of a company or project is through interviews. My team and I felt there was a need for more transparency in the crypto community. To solve this, I offer both live and virtual interviews or reviews that are featured on my social media profiles.

“The O Show” currently airs five days a week with both recorded and live shows. If you are interested in sponsoring the show, please contact me.

Social Media

The big brands all know the power of social media to easily get their message out and create direct engagement with targeted demographics.

My social media platforms account for millions of impressions and views every month. If you want to take your brand to the next level at an affordable cost, I can help you reach your marketing goals quickly and efficiently.

wendyo social media content creator
Syscoin live stream by WendyO

Live Media

Livestreaming for marketing is no longer a novelty. A successful live streaming strategy includes planning, promotion, and engages viewers in ways that other social media formats cannot.

While attending global cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin conferences, I conduct live and recorded media interviews that are streamed to my social media profiles. Let’s plan a media production for your next event.

Event Planning

I host free and open monthly crypto networking meetups and plan private events for the crypto community and business from start to finish.

I have hosted 50+ events including meetups, networking, educational, technical analysis, presentations, and community building.

Follow my events page and come join us or contact me to plan your next after-party style event with a focus on a casual networking atmosphere.

Wendy Office


Cryptocurrency and blockchain companies reach out to me every day to evaluate their marketing strategies and transparently analyze strengths and weaknesses.

A successful strategy includes evaluation and suggestion for improvements, planning and implementation of social media and other brand building programs.

My experience coupled with my vast network of connections can put your marketing efforts on track with the best in the business.

Public Speaking

I’ve been fortunate to travel and been given the opportunity to speak about my experience and moderate panels throughout the crypto industry.

I’m recognized for my ability to break down and explain complex topics in easily understandable terms.

Whether you want an inspiring story, technical analysis, the true purpose of NFTs, or some general crypto knowledge on your next podcast or live event, I would enjoy speaking with your audience.