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Arbitrum Odyssey: Journey of Learning

arbitrum odyssey learn defi free nft

Do you like free NFTs?

Arbitrum has teamed up with Project Galaxy for an 8-week long learning and onboarding initiative called Arbitrum Odyssey

Update: Arbitrum Odyssey was paused until the NItro upgrade which was released on August 31, 2022. Stay tuned to socials for updates.

In our quest to become self-sovereign, it’s important to learn, and use, and become comfortable with many different tools. Often, we preach here about always adding more tools to your toolbox, and of course – not your keys, not your coins.

Arbitrum is an Optimistic Rollup built by Offchain Labs to scale Ethereum. If you’ve never used an L2 then this is a great way to learn and get something in return for your efforts. Not to mention, you’ll be much more comfortable hopping around different chains with your newfound skills.

Odyssey of Learning

Arbitrum and Project Galaxy have teamed up to onboard new users and incentivize learning. In the coming weeks, we’ll explore different parts of the Project Galaxy and Arbitrum ecosystems, from bridging DeFi to all things NFTs and GameFi. Over the 8-week-long initiative, users will earn NFTs as proof of completion.

“Project Galaxy is the largest Web3 credential data network in the world. Built on open and collaborative infrastructure, Project Galaxy helps developers and projects leverage digital credential data to build better products and communities in Web3.” -Project Galaxy

Although there has been no official announcement, many believe these NFTs could entitle the holders to future airdrops. It’s already a common practice to use snapshots to airdrop active users who perform a multitude of different activities from trading to bridging to simply holding tokens. So, using NFTs for some future reward would not be a far stretch as it’s already being done in the space.

I imagine creative minds are already thinking of ways to use these. I know I am…

Or maybe they’ll become part of your on-chain credentials?

Bridge Week

Week-1 started June 21st with bridge week! To incentivize using multiple protocols, if you end up using the one that had the most ETH volume bridged into Arbitrum, you’ll be eligible to claim an additional NFT at a later date.

hop protocol takes lead in arbitrum odyssey
Dune Analytics (@springzhang) Arbitrum Odyssey Event Tracking

l used several bridges to increase my chances of additional airdrops in a growing ecosystem. However, we can look at the on-chain data to gain an advantage and make sure we use the right one to get the extra NFT for this quest. It looks like Hop Protocol is in the lead. But I still wanted to try out a few more I hadn’t used yet – and check out the fees while I was at it.

arbitrum odyssey project galaxy bridge week
Projects included in Arbitrum Odyssey Bridge Week

There are multiple wallets that support Arbitrum including Metamask, and Chainlist makes it easy to add the Arbitrum network if you have not done so already.

An 8-week long journey

After bridge week, we’ll complete 2 separate tasks from 2 different projects each following week. Details will be announced each week. Therefore, we will update this article as the Odyssey progresses.

arbitrum odyssey project galaxy weeks 2-8
Projects included in Arbitrum Odyssey Weeks 2-8

Check the ecosystem portal for hundreds of different projects on Arbitrum.


Arbitrum will have their Discord channel available for questions and guidance.


Collect Odyssey NFTs and check completion of tasks.


Campaign Status Tracker and FAQ



Week 1 – Bridge Week

21 different bridges are available to qualify.

Check here for the list of bridges and return to claim your NFT.

Week 2 – Yield Protocol & GMX (June 28th – July 4th)

Yield Protocol is a permissionless market for collateralized fixed rate borrowing and lending.

Complete ANY of the following task between June 28 2022, 1300 EST to July 04 2022, 1259 EST to be eligible.

Provide liquidity (“Pool”) of $50 or more worth of assets to any maturity


Lend $50 or more worth of assets to any maturity


Borrow $100 or more worth of supported collateral for any maturity


GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange.

Complete ALL of the following task between June 28 2022, 1300 EST to July 04 2022, 1259 EST to be eligible.

Make a $10 minimum leveraged trade


Provide $10 minimum liquidity on GMX (mint GLP)


Swap $10 minimum on GMX


Week 3 – Aboard Exchange & TofuNFT (July 5th – July 11th)

Aboard is an orderbook based derivatives exchange.

TofuNFT is an NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles.

Week 4 – Uniswap & Apex (July 12th – July 18th)

Uniswap is the most popular decentralized exchange.

Apex is a decentralized derivatives protocol.

Week 5 – 1inch & Izumi/Yin Finance (July 19th – July 25th)

1inch is a popular decentralized exchange aggregator.

Izumi Finance is a DeFi protocol providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS).

Week 6 – Dodo & Swapr (July 26th – August 1st)

Dodo is a decentralized trading protocol.

Swapr is a multichain, governance-enabled AMM.

Week 7 – TreasureDAO & Battlefly (August 2nd – August 8th)

TreasureDAO is the founder of Treasure, the decentralized video game console connecting games and communities together through imagination, $MAGIC, and NFTs.

BattleFly is a DeFi strategy game powered by $MAGIC.

Week 8 – Ideamarket & Sushi (August 9th – August 15th)

Ideamarket is aiming to make integrity and honesty the only financially feasible path for influencers of public opinion.

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that processes token swaps and yield farming.

Oh, one more thing… by collecting a minimum of 13 out of 16 NFTs, users will then receive an additional “arbi-verse” NFT. I don’t know what that is yet, but it seems absolutely doable to me.

Overall, I believe this is a great way for Arbitrum, Project Galaxy, and all the other projects involved to onboard new users. At the same time, they’re also incentivizing people to learn some very useful Web3 tools – it’s a win-win in my book.


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