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The Self Care Lab

self care lab

The Self Care Lab Boxing Club – The Ultimate Boxing & Fitness Club; learn to use boxing as a therapeutic escape from anxiety, depression, and trauma

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The Self Care Lab Boxing Club is a full service, U.S.A certified boxing and fitness club that tackles anxiety, depression, and problematic behavior from trauma through use of physical exercise and promotes mental health advocating for self-care.



We offer all-level classes for adults and kids throughout the week.


Targeting symptoms of anxiety, depression and ptsd through fitness.


Providing a level of hope, not only for communities but for youth.


We utilize boxing as an outlet to cope with all forms of trauma.

theselfcarelab is looking for a new location

The Self Care Lab Boxing & Fitness Club is a USA Boxing certified training facility, which uses exercise and boxing to target mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and impulsive behavior stemming from trauma. “Research has proven that intense exercise helps eliminate or reduce symptoms of PTSD,” explains Nita Watson, owner of the gym. “I wanted to create an unorthodox methodology to address mental health.”

From Nita:

The Self Care Lab Boxing Club was created in 2016. We opened our doors to the community, January of 2017! Since then, we have trained approximately 8-10k athletes!

We have hosted boxing matches and tournaments, clinical workshops (USC, Prototypes Women’s Center, just to name a few…) and host monthly celebrations for our athletes & families.

In March 2021, we were told that our building was being sold and within 24 hours multiple potential buyers & brokers were in and out of our building! Our boxing club is a mental health boxing clinic and our anxieties were heightened!

We stood strong but knew either way we were almost to capacity, daily!

We searched everywhere! Now…

We have the perfect opportunity to not only start over but to impact a new community and provide mental health resources to them, more space to train and host events as well as clinical workshops, trainings, and therapy!

Many of our resources have come by simply training and our monthly membership payments! Hard work & community/youth dedication.

We have proven what we are capable of ! We just need a little more help!

Your funding will cover our monthly overhead, replacing worn equipment, moving cost (an entire gym to pack up) and help us with administrative and clinical trainings!


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