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The ‘CoinRunners’ Movie: Hollywood Movie NFTs

coinrunners movie nft royalties

CoinRunners: How to Get Royalties From Holding Movie NFTs

Have you ever wanted to be in a Hollywood movie?

The ‘CoinRunners’ movie makes it possible!

coinrunners movie bitcoin pizza nft
CoinRunners Movie NFT

If blockchain technology has anything, it is the power to change the world as we know it. Now by holding a CoinRunners Movie NFT it is possible to have access to a film set or participate in exclusive AMAs with Hollywood stars, not to mention that you can get extra income – part of the royalties of the movie.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently a huge growth sector that has managed to captivate both insiders and outsiders of the technology. Currently it is common to see best-selling stars like Lindsay Lohan or renowned musicians like Snoop Dog, to name a few, generating their own tokenized digital art and showing off their NFT avatars on their social media profiles.

And now the team behind this crypto-focused Hollywood movie has launched its own collection of NFTs with the aim of enticing film-loving and tech-loving investors to fund their project while profiting from holding some exclusive design of the digital artistic works alluding to the film.

coinrunners movie written by lisa n edwards
CoinRunners Movie: Written By Lisa N Edwards

The CoinRunners Story

The ‘CoinRunners’ movie is a story written by popular influencer Lisa N. Edwards, based on a true story, set to highlight the volatility and excitement of the young cryptocurrency market, while also paying homage to movies like ‘The Big Short’, ‘Molly’s Game’ and ‘A Star is Born’ based on the crypto ecosystem.

The NFTs in the collection consist of unique and rare hand-drawn tokenized images of scenes from the film, created by Hollywood storyboard artist Max Forward.

A total of 15,000 NFTs distributed across six categories are available to mint on the official website. Among the benefits of having an NFT from the ’CoinRunners’ collection, holders will be able to opt for airdrops, the possibility of a role in the movie without an appointment preview, or spending a day on the set with real Hollywood stars!

The NFT Launch started in the last quarter of last year and the production of the movie is expected to start in the second quarter of 2022. So, getting your CoinRunners Movie NFT and opting for the great prizes out there is totally doable.

From NFT Royalties to Making a Career in Hollywood

If your interest is the world of visual arts or you want to develop a career in film, going to Hollywood and being on a real movie set can be a great opportunity to start off big.

With ‘CoinRunners’ this is possible since by buying an NFT and keeping it in your wallet you can opt for exclusive passes to the film set, without a doubt a real boost with a unique experience that can give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Collect Super Rare NFTs

~ get an invite to the premiere screening of COINRUNNERS”

CoinRunners Movie NFTs are generated on the Ethereum blockchain based on 9 attributes and 30+ traits, which allows generating a unique and exclusive design for each holder ranging from Common to Legendary. Once all the NFTs have been minted, they will be revealed!

coinrunners hollywood movie legendary nft
CoinRunners Legendary NFT

If anything has characterized NFT projects, it is the low utility of their assets, which becomes a problem for the average investor. While some focus on blockchain games with DeFi properties (GameFi) as a way to generate underlying profit, the truth is that the general investor and non-tech public do not want to spend more time on ways to monetize their investment.

In this sense, the CoinRunners team is aware of the importance it is achieving in Hollywood by financing its project through NFT technology, and as part of its gratitude towards the community that supports it, the NFTs provide the unique benefit of net profits generated from film royalties.

Mint by April 30th and every NFT that a user has in their wallet will be entitled to a share of 30% of the net profits generated by movie royalties.

A revolutionary milestone not only in the film industry, but also in the NFT sector!

A Top-of-the-Line Team

If you stop to read a little about the people behind this story born in a psychologist’s office on the official site of CoinRunners, you will appreciate that they are not strangers to either the billionaire industry of Hollywood and that of cryptocurrencies.

lisa n edwards writer producer coinrunners movie
Lisa N. Edwards

Lisa N. Edwards (Writer & Producer) was trained at NIDA and has worked on thousands of films, TV series and commercials as the former owner and Talent Agent of VisionsMCP in Melbourne. She’s written 3 novels in the Can`t Fight Fate Series, 2 TV series and 3 feature films including this one, ‘CoinRunners’.

She is also a respected trader and certified Elliott Wave specialist with 25 years of experience in both the traditional stocks and commodities, and alternative cryptocurrency sectors.

For her part, Janet Jeffries (Script Development) is another highly experienced and recognized talent in the film industry. As an Adjunct Professor at National University (Los Angeles), she has spent the last 15 years training and teaching Hollywood’s best writers.

Janet is currently head of script development for Lawrence Bender Productions, an independent feature film company in Los Angeles, working with several independent financiers and sales companies.

Recent films include the animated short film ‘Cops and Robbers’, streaming on Netflix and the feature film ‘Capone’ starring Tom Hardy. Just wrapped is the Netflix original feature ‘The Harder They Fall’ directed by Jeymes Samuel.

Mint NFTs at coinrunnersmovie.com

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