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Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk

wendyo live streaming consensus 2022 with coindesk and the hash

Crypto’s largest & most influential festival with thousands of the world’s brightest minds and impactful voices at Consensus 2022

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consensus 2022

The Consensus 2022 Experience

The 2022 Consensus festival is a showcase and celebration of all that crypto has to offer. Thousands of the world’s brightest minds and impactful voices will take over Austin, Texas, June 9-12 – and expect to see events and parties in the days before and after!

This is the only festival covering all sides of blockchain, crypto, Web 3 and the metaverse. Hosted by CoinDesk, the most influential and trusted platform for the digital world, Consensus is the world’s biggest and longest-running crypto festival.

Hosted in one of America’s most vibrant and creative cities, Consensus will ignite hard-hitting conversations, spark critical debates, and host one-of-a-kind experiences for how these technologies and communities are remaking the worlds of finance, investing, culture, entertainment, marketing, governance and more.

I hope you come see me!

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