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A quick roundup of current crypto airdrops and where to find them

Taking a break from our regularly-scheduled reviews & tutorials, it felt like this week especially called for a lightning-fast roundup of as many airdrops as I could find. These are mostly time-sensitive affairs, so I will try to include effective days for each (where available).

That said, there have been a lot of these lately, and we just wanted to make sure our readers had a total awareness of what’s going on across the space. This will not be all-inclusive, and is just a collection of the ones I’ve received or know to be legitimate.

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Please bear in mind that these are fairly ‘heavy’ contracts, and will cost a fair amount of gas in order to claim. Be sure to check eth gas station for optimal time of day & gas prices.

Current Airdrops

I’ll be going through these at a fairly fast pace, without explaining the elevator pitch for each, since they are readily available on the linked websites. I am compiling these in an effort to put the links all in one place, so our readers don’t get tricked by lookalike sites or contracts. With that being said, always be careful to read anything before approving it, and be aware of cookies & tracking data that you may be exposing. Disclaimer done, on we go…

ENS – If you happened to register an ENS after my article on them, then you should have been in time for the snapshot & are eligible to claim based on how many & length of contract, etc.

You have until May 04, 2022 to claim tokens. Check here for more details, or here to claim.

This can be a fairly high-value claim, depending on holdings.

LooksRare/$LOOKS – This can be another high-value claim, for some. Your mileage may vary.

The amount of $LOOKS that you can claim depends largely on your OpenSea trading volume between June 16th, 2021 to December 16th, 2021, but between a high price ($4+) at the time of this writing, and WETH/LOOKS platform rewards for staking – this one might be worth a look.

To check for eligibility, connect your wallet at LooksRare and check for the message near the top of the site. If eligible, you’ll have to list any NFT for sale on the site, and then claim your $LOOKS. This requires a few transactions, so be sure to time appropriately for gas prices.

FEES.WTF: This one might not be for everyone, and at the time of this writing it still hasn’t launched, so the price is anyone’s guess. A few users have cautioned that since it utilizes ref links, there are some privacy concerns re: cookies & user data.

That said, I’m presenting this anyway because it is current. You can use my ref link to check your claim, and eligible users will receive WTF tokens as well as a limited NFT that will grant access to their proposed advanced analytics.

Satoshi Island (ETH) is a limited NFT drop, or assured drop if you have a certain number of followers on social media. The short pitch is: Crypto Village on the island nation of Vanuatu, which I’m pretty sure was where they filmed one of the seasons of “Survivor”.

You can read about the proposed utility there, and fill out a short form (with required tweet that you don’t delete until after results) to apply.

Please note that the NFT doesn’t grant citizenship to the island, but does offer some other potential utility & services.

The Solana Dao is a fairly low-value claim, at the time of this writing, but it can be worthwhile for some since the fees are so low. The claim period for this one ends January 31, 2022.

NFT DAO (ETH) may only be worth claiming if you see some value in holding it long-term. At the time of this writing, even under low gas conditions it would probably be a breakeven prospect for most people. This one is claimable for roughly six months from now, though, so it might be worth keeping an eye on.

GAS DAO (ETH) is another one you might just want to keep an eye on. Ironically, at current prices it isn’t worth the cost of gas to claim it. I’m not seeing a clear end date listed, though, so that situation may change at some point in the future.

Those are the most active ones I’m seeing at present, but I’ll try to do an “airdrop roundup” when enough high-value ones drop. As always, be sure to DYOR and limit risk to privacy & funds according to your level of risk tolerance.

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