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Wendy O Talks Ether Hitting New Record And Teaching Crypto In Schools

Wendy O, host of ‘The O Show’ joins Cheddar News to discuss the recent rally from cryptocurrency, Ether. She also discussed incoming New York City mayor Eric Adams wanting to teach kids crypto in schools.

Wendy O appears on Cheddar news to break down Ethereum’s recent price moves, whether Ethereum has the potential to flip Bitcoin as the #1 crypto, and more.

For Wendy, the huge gains seen in Ethereum all go back to underlying utility, and as opposed to the Bitcoin network, Ethereum you can do so many things like building NFTs, smart contracts for ownership, and DApps.

These second-order value adds lead Wendy to believe that Ethereum does have the potential to oneday flip Bitcoin, which at this point functions only as a digital equivalent to gold.

That said, Wendy also adds that Ethereum’s long term future largely depends on its successful transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

As an asset class however, long term success for crypto will depend on future rules and regulations being sensible and inclusive to the maturing yet still-nascent ecosystem.

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