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Crypto Networking Meetup; San Diego, August 21, 2021

cryptowendyo crypto meetup august 21st 2021

These crypto meetups are meant to bring like-minded people together to talk about Blockchain, Crypto, Bitcoin, and just vibe and chill

Huge Thanks To Our Sponsors

FTX Trading, FTX US, FTX Signal

Carefree Boat Club of San Diego

New Motion Beverages / Embolden Beer Co

Free Drinks, Beer, and Hard Tea provided by our Sponsors

Crypto Meetup

Saturday, August 21, 2021 @ 3PM PST

Carefree Boat Club

Point Loma Marina

4980 N Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 92106


Look for the Carefree Boat Club flag!

Free 2-hour parking at the marina along with free 24-hour and 72-hour spots as well. Street parking on N Harbor Dr is also free and unlimited.

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern is right next door for food and cocktails.

Stand up paddle boards for anyone who wants to paddle around America’s Cup Harbor.

Carefree Boat Club of San Diego will offer one month of free boating for anyone who joins and pays with crypto. They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC.

This event is free to hang out and network with other Bitcoin and Crypto enthusiasts. If you are reading this, you are invited. Come hang out with us!


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