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Overwhelmed By the Concept of Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies? Here’s Quick Explainer

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There are plenty of online resources to learn more about cryptocurrency and Google is instrumental as you try to navigate the lingo.

Wendy features on NBC News Boston where she provides a quick explainer about Bitcoin and other rising cryptocurrencies, which have recently exploded in popularity amid crazy price action.

“Think of cryptocurrency as digital cash,” Wendy says. “When we’re thinking of the different values, think that you’re going to go to another country on vacation–-they have their own currency so when you go to the airport you swap over your USD for the peso or the yuan.

…that’s basically what you’re doing with cryptocurrency. These different cryptocurrencies represent different digital currencies. They’re just not tangible.”

Having amassed a huge following on social media platforms through her valuable crypto insights, Wendy hopes to reach more women and mothers like herself, and show them that they really can do this crypto thing.

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