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How TikTok Cryptocurrency Influencers Are Teaching a New Generation of Investors

An informal group of self-styled cryptocurrency advisors are using TikTok, Discord and other online platforms to instruct and, according to some, sometimes con nascent crypto investors.

The Wall Street Journal interviews Wendy for firsthand information about how she and a new class of influencers are narrating the wild turns of global markets, redefining how the younger generation is learning about investing and personal finance.

That Wendy started off in crypto with essentially nothing, yet managed to grow a brand and gain a serious knack for managing a growing investment portfolio, her words resonate with an increasingly wide base of people looking to learn about crypto without getting burned.

“Crypto has improved my quality of life, and I believe everyone deserves the same…I am bullish on decency.”

Decency is sometimes few and far in between though, and Wendy has made it a point to teach people about sniffing-out crypto scams and other pursuits by bad actors in the space.

She reminds her audience that time is king in this space, and that given enough time, it becomes apparent who are the good and bad actors–for both crypto projects and figureheads.

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