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A TikTok influencer brings cryptocurrency trading to the masses

Seated in a purple gaming chair, a matching mini microphone in her hand, the woman on the screen breaks down the day’s financial news.

The Washington Post interviews Wendy to hear about her part in the rise of a new class of influencers narrating the wild turns of global markets, and redefining how younger audiences get their financial news and analysis.

Speaking as one of the many people who have come from humble beginnings to realizing unimaginable success in crypto, Wendy views her work as an educational imperative for increasing financial literacy and inclusion for the masses.

“Crypto has improved my quality of life, and I believe everyone deserves the same…I am bullish on decency.”

Decency isn’t always abound on social media though, and Wendy explains how she strives to speak to the women looking for advice but not wanting to be made to feel stupid or ashamed for their current level of understanding.

She isn’t doing too bad in this respect either. Having amassed a sizable audience across TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, Wendy is proving that crypto and finance is far from a boy’s club in the contemporary world, and the crypto community seems to be embracing it!

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