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Fundamental Analysis – Part Five

dyor crypto fundamental analysis part five github

Analyzing a project’s Github activity as part of the vetting process. Keeping an eye on your Fundamental Health- Part Five

DYOR Crypto Fundamental Analysis Series 

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Hi, folks. Sherpa here again with another edition in our series on Fundamental Analysis. With tokens & newer coins & chains popping off, I thought it would be a great time to add a few more notches to our toolbelt. If you’re a subscriber, you might remember way back in Part Two of this series, I briefly touched on using Santiment and their suite of tools to analyze dev activity & correlate that with other indicators. It’s still one of the more robust collections of indicators & charts around, but with fundamental analysis – you can never have too much information. With that in mind I’m going to be showing you how to use Cauldron.

Cauldron is a handy-dandy platform created by the fine folks at Bitergia (not a crypto-facing company) that is used by all sorts of developers, researchers, and analysts in traditional tech. Try not to feel overwhelmed, though, as it’s really quite easy to use. First, you’re going to need an account at Github.

You might be thinking, “But, Sherp…I’m not a developer!” You don’t have to be. You just have to register an account & confirm it, because this gives you access to a lot of tools that require Github authentication. Even if you never use the account for anything else, it’s a useful thing to have on hand if a tool requires it. That done, let’s find the Github repository of a project we want to analyze. Coingecko is great for this, as they have all of the relevant information at the side, for most projects. Just to keep things simple, let’s check out Solana’s activity. As you can see below, on Solana’s page on Coingecko, the Github repo is already linked.

using coingecko to find github links

We just want to right-click and copy that link, which gives us: https://github.com/solana-labs which is their project’s repository. Now, moving over to Cauldron, just type in a name for the report you’re about to generate, and then click “GitHub” under “Add data sources”, as shown below. This will bring up a box for you to type the Github owner or URL for the project that you’re trying to analyze.

As you can see, I’ve just pasted in the link that we got from CoinGecko. Click “Add” next to the entry, and if there are other relevant repositories, you can add those as well. Then we just click “Create Report” at the bottom of the screen.

create a new report in cauldron

If you’d like, you can choose to authenticate with Twitter & be notified when the report is completely done generating, but it isn’t necessary. You’ll begin to see, almost immediately, that all of the issues, commits, and other relevant data is being aggregated & broken down into easily-digestible statistics & charts. Congratulations – if you’ve been following up to this point, you now have a beautiful report & an in-depth analysis of a project’s activity.

cauldron github activity chart

They even explain what they’re looking for in most of these metrics, which can be helpful for understanding dev & community activity, time to close on issues, etc. You’ll need to play around with everything that is included in the report, as there is a lot to analyze. Again, “never too much information” when you’re risking funds in potentially volatile assets.

I think anyone can understand, though, that if you look at a chart (as above) and see issues creation & resolution following each other – that tends to be a good sign. It is information like that which can prove to be invaluable when you’re performing due diligence on a project.

In my experience, finding the real gems in crypto is often more about identifying solid teams & use-cases before they even start marketing, but that is the niche I love – so your mileage may vary. Until next time, stay diligent, and be aware of your investments’ fundamental health.

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