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Fox Business – Charles Payne

Wendy joins Morgan Creek Digital co-founder, Jason Williams, on Fox Business to discuss the popularity of cryptocurrency among millennials and on Wall Street.

Wendy explains that after hearing about Bitcoin for some time, she took the leap, put some money into it, and started educating herself about what Bitcoin is, what the Fed started doing around the advent of Bitcoin, and generally where this notion of decentralization fits in our changing world.

Jason echoes her words in explaining the massive wealth transfer that is currently underway and accelerating, saying that, in droves, younger, tech native beneficiaries of between $30-60T in assets are looking beyond their parents’ financial advisors for digitally-native assets.

For this growing segment of investors, Wendy advises looking for projects with actual utility, and noting the meteoric rise of NFTs last year, says it’s smart to look at alternative chains to Ethereum that support NFT growth as an initial starting point.

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