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Gala Games Wallet Guide

gala games wallet guide

Gala Games kicks off May Mayhem with more than $4 million in prizes; quick start guide for Gala Wallet

Gala’s May Mayhem begins with Spider Tanks and Town Star, two of their flagship games. However, there MAY be more to come! Actually, there will be… more games, more surprises, and we’ll be here to cover it for you!

gala games may mayhem

The first thing we need to do is register a new account. Then we’ll get a Gala Wallet set up and funded with some $GALA from an exchange.

Games are free to play and earn. So you can just create an account and a wallet and start playing for free. However, there are advantages to holding some tokens and NFTs in your wallet, and we’ll be back for more on that later.

If you are new to crypto this might seem like a lot of steps, but they do a great job of making this really easy. So, let’s get started!

Gala Account & Wallet Setup

Go to the Gala website and find that little button at the top that says “register” to create an account and don’t forget to confirm your email. Note this is the first of two passwords you’ll create.

create gala account

Now come back and click “create wallet now” so we can buy and sell and get all the free stuff.

gala account setup create wallet

Create a transfer code for your wallet. Make a strong password different from your account password. This is used anytime you want to transfer funds.

Then click “show recovery phrase” and write it down. If you want to store a digital copy, make sure you keep it somewhere offline and not just sitting in an unencrypted file on your desktop.

gala wallet setup show recovery phrase

Write down these 12 words in order from left to right and click continue.

gala wallet guide write down recovery phrase

*Please note this can only be shown one time. Write it down now!

The final step will ask you to confirm your recovery phrase by asking for some of the words you just wrote down, e.g., 3rd word, 4th word, 7th word.

gala wallet setup confirm recovery phrase
gala wallet setup complete

That’s it for the wallet setup. You’re ready to start playing and earning!

Funding Your Gala Wallet

Things may look a little different depending on the exchange, but the basics are the same. You might find this easier to have two tabs open on your browser.

Find where it shows your balance while logged into your Gala account. Click on that and it will open your wallet. Then click on GALA [ETH] and again on Get GALA [ETH].

welcome gala wallet balance
wallet overview and balances
click get gala eth

Now this is what we’re after… your Gala wallet address. This is where you send funds when withdrawing from an exchange and “receiving” funds in your Gala wallet.

receive funds copy address

Keep this tab open and go to your preferred crypto exchange.

Here we used Coinbase…

send from coinbase to gala wallet

Buy some $GALA and navigate to their withdrawal page. The “To” field is where you’re sending the tokens. In this case we want to send them to our Gala Wallet so go back to that other tab we left open and copy/paste that into withdraw form.

Continue the withdrawal process for your exchange and perform any additional security steps they have in place.

Give it some time to confirm on the blockchain and check your Gala Wallet to make sure it went through. If you are sending a large amount or this is your first time, it’s common practice to send a small test transaction to make sure you’ve got everything correct.

*Please note this is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, so you’ll need to repeat these steps and send some ETH to your Gala Wallet for gas fees.

Gala Chain

You might have noticed the same token twice in your Gala Wallet. For example, you’ll see GALA[ETH] and GALA[GC]. That’s the Ethereum blockchain and Gala Chain respectively.

The world of Gala is expanding fast as we’ve seen with the recent announcement of Gala Music and they’ve code named Project GYRI as their own blockchain to support the growing ecosystem.

We’re not sure what they’ll call it, but for now it seems to be Gala Chain (GC). We will be covering this in detail as we get more updates from the team.

In the meantime, let’s start gaming and may the mayhem begin! Go get your share of that $4 million!


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