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Grinding with Gala


Gala Gold, Gala Drops, Gala Nodes: The innovative model of Gala Games allows for benefits at any level.

In the past few weeks I’ve covered some tips & tricks for a couple of the games released by the P2E behemoth that is Gala Games. This week, I’d like to break down some of the benefits of different levels of participation. One of the things I appreciate about Gala is the innovative model, which allows participation & free trade at any level.

A lot of P2E platforms can price over half the globe out of playing with even the smallest amount of traction, but I feel like the team at Gala have managed to innovate & find a nice balance of rewards for any type of background. Whether you’re interested in grinding for rewards as a mean of investing, or hedging smaller or larger bets in the success of one game, or the company itself, there is an angle for you.

Low-to-No-Risk Methods of Earning

  • Grinding: One of the easier ways to earn a bit of currency is just to keep playing. You can earn a bit of TownCoin every day, by completing a daily goal that generally takes about an hour or less. Spider Tanks has a Test Token in play right now, so we can expect another avenue for grinding tokens in the near future.
  • Referrals: Gala’s referral program has frequent campaigns that reward affiliates with GALA and occasionally big ticket NFTs for hitting certain goals. One recent Town Star campaign saw users getting a Feed Bot for their Town Star animals after hitting 10 referrals. Generally, Town Star bots have been a hot-seller on OpenSea, generally averaging .08-.12 ethereum. Not a bad payout for telling a few friends.
  • Gala Gold: Gala Gold is one-time payment subscription that gives you access to exclusive competitions and NFT drops. I paid $50 a while back for my membership, and I’ve already gotten a Town Star Express Depot (extremely useful; makes some squares serviceable that would otherwise cost 2 gas!) and a Plasma Rifle skin for Spider Tanks.

may mayhem gala games town crush nft rewards

There’s also exclusive competitions like the “May Mayhemevent coming up soon to stress-test Town Crush and Gala’s native blockchain. With some $400,000 up for grabs in the rewards pool, this Gold-exclusive event might prove to be more than worth the cost of entry.

Middle Income Methods

For those looking to invest a bit more, the company store frequently has new items being added for upcoming games, with secondary markets heating up soon after they sell out.

So much of what you might do here is speculation; hard to tell what will be the most useful Tank weapon, or the most useful tower in Fortitude, or which Mirandus exemplar will be the peoples’ choice.

What some folks don’t consider, though, is the airdrop potential you gain by having some small exposure to each of the upcoming games. These aren’t generally announced in advance, but just tend to show up in your inventory as bonuses for buying or holding an item for an upcoming game.

may mayhem gala games mirandus nft rewards

For instance, I’d purchased a grain stand for Mirandus a while back, and have just left it in my inventory in anticipation of all the wonderful grains I’d be selling to aspiring bakers. Imagine my surprise when I found a golden ticket in my inventory just for buying that grain stand?

Then imagine my dismay when I learned that Walking Dead Empires would be dropping a Cookery Set NFT to all Dead Claim holders. I’d just looked at purchasing a dead claim with some GALA I had sitting around my account, a few weeks back. Lesson learned.

Above & beyond speculating on which item might be the most popular among players, simply holding standard NFTs from these collections can result in more rewards. This is how you passively benefit from development on the cheap.

gala games the walking dead nft rewards

The Whale Way

Let me be frank with you: my good friends Euclid & Oaks from the Gravy Gang Guild discord were telling me way back about how exciting Gala Games was looking. It isn’t like I didn’t believe them; I tried TownStar and thought that it was pretty neat, and I bought a Gala Gold membership because I was excited to see what Gala did, moving forward.

I even bought a few Town Star NFTs, and that Mirandus grain stand I mentioned earlier.

The one thing I didn’t do? Buy a Gala Founder’s Node. They started at around $2,000 , which was no small outlay at the time, but certainly manageable. The price goes up along a schedule, though, increasing by $100 for every 100 nodes sold. With Gala being as popular as they’ve been, that brings the current cost of a founder’s node to right around $95,000.

I imagine that we’ll be seeing more services spring up to offer “seats” of a founder’s node, and a share of earned NFTs sold, as the price inches steadily towards the maximum number of nodes.

Speaking with Node owners, the GALA earnings seem to have been a steady earner the entire time, with many folks well past their return-over-entry by now. NFTs, however, are fairly & randomly distributed to node holders, so they tend to function as a “lottery ticket” when new NFTs drop.

gala games fortitude

I heard stories ranging from “no drops yet”, all the way up to drops that set owners substantially ahead, after they were done selling on secondary markets. Personally, I’m priced out of owning a Founder’s node, now, but if you’d like to learn more about nodes & the distribution model, there’s always more information available here.

Your risk tolerance may vary, but with high-profile IPs like the Walking Dead attached, and fan-favorite genres like Fortitude’s Tower Defense coming up soon, getting involved in Gala on any level might be a smart move.


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