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Crypto Wendy on trashing the SEC, sexism, and how underdogs can win: Hall of Flame

Crypto Wendy taught herself to trade crypto in 2017 as the perfect 24/7 job to fit in around the demands of raising her young daughter.

Who is Crypto Wendy anyway? 

Wendy is a former healthcare professional turned crypto trader and content creator, or what she describes as a “YouTube shock jock.” 

imagine caring what a geriatric thinks about intangible internet fax machine currencies pic.twitter.com/bghHgKlA5p— Wendy O (@CryptoWendyO) February 2, 2023

While the switch from health to crypto came about due to a number of reasons, one big factor was that the long commutes and working hours were taking her away from spending more time with her number one asset: her daughter.

“For seven years, I worked in infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, and I had a three-hour round trip commute four times a week. I was far from my daughter, and I just wanted to be close to her,” she says….

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