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How Crypto Investors Are Handling Plunging Prices

Amid a sharp plunge for Bitcoin and other top tokens like Ethereum and Solana, some cryptocurrency investors say they’re taking a long-term view of the market to weather the storm.

Wendy speaks with TIME to share her thoughts on the crypto market’s recent reversal, highlighting that it’s on-par to see ‘massive downturns’ in the wake of ‘massive gains’.

For Wendy, these pullbacks are actually important periods to go through as they provide amazing opportunities to double down on projects in which you have strong conviction: “I’m really invested in projects that I think will have a lot more value long-term than where they are currently…if something is really valuable in the long run, then these market dips are more an opportunity to accumulate more than something that’s really scary.”

As a popular crypto TikToker, Wendy O see’s firsthand a lot of people get nervous and search for assurances–especially in periods of heightened volatility–and this is why she urges everyone to establish a firm understanding of the underlying principles of why you believe in an investment before making the commitment.

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