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Bitrefill: The easiest way to live on crypto


How can you live on crypto? Sherpa tells his true story of actually LIVING off of crypto, using Bitrefill and gift cards

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You know, from time to time I’ll talk to normies about crypto, and I always get the same quizzical look from them when I say this is what I do full-time: “But how do you live on crypto?”

I get it, really. In their minds every store would have to accept Bitcoin or Ethereum or what-have-you, and maybe they’d have hardware or QR codes at the register; I can see all of these thoughts swimming around their heads, and it’s kind of hard not to laugh.

Bitrefill, friend. Bitrefill is how you live off of crypto.

I say this as someone who not only lived off crypto, but really, as someone who desperately needed their services. Which is probably why I’m such a fan.

When my house sold, last year, there was a brief period where there just weren’t any rentals available in my area. I had a little bit of cash, sure, but I needed that for deposits, etc. once I found a place.

The Solution?

Well, I did have some crypto lying around from airdrops & the like. “Cashing out” is always such a process, though, and when you’re technically homeless and actually hungry, you don’t have time to wait for bank transfers or holding periods.

Luckily, Bitrefill provided more than a few options. Their Hotels.com gift card even had the added benefit of earning free stays after registration, along with a bonus 1% sats-back on the purchase.

Easily spend crypto using gift cards with Bitrefill
Easily spend crypto using gift cards with Bitrefill

Hungry, tired, and sick from a viral infection I caught while trying to rough it camping in the woods, I cranked the gas up to ‘high’ in metamask, and in less than ten minutes I had a gift card to pay for my hotel room. Room prepaid, check-in at the front desk was a breeze, and I headed upstairs for a much-needed shower & to lounge on higher thread-count sheets than the woods had to offer.

Ugh. But I was so hungry. As it turns out, Bitrefill had a solution for that problem, as well. One quick tx later, my Doordash code was unlocked with an additional 1% sats-back & my dinner was on the way. Enjoying the full belly, warm room, and soft sheets, I drifted off & enjoyed the relaxed sleep of the satisfied.

The Next Day

The next morning I woke up, rested and rejuvenated from my evening of crypto-provided comfort. Almost immediately, though, I noticed a text message saying that my ex’s phone was about to be out of minutes, and our daughter needed new clothes & other essentials.

Normally, I’d have hopped in the car & driven there to hand-off whatever was needed, or take them shopping. These kinds of emergencies happen all the time with families, but, actually…I had an idea.

Buy gift cards with crypto on Bitrefill
Buy gift cards with crypto on Bitrefill

A quick trip back to Bitrefill & I refilled her Verizon phone with airtime, and loaded a Walmart card with $500 that she was able to add to the Walmart app on her phone to pay at the register. Sure enough, she got everything they needed, her phone was still usable, and as icing on the cake I received another 1% sats-back on both of those purchases, as well. In ten minutes & with zero travel time, I’d made sure all their needs were provided for.

The Conclusion

At the end of the day, there are more options than ever for using your crypto both online, and in the real world. In my experience, Bitrefill is one of the best ways to actually live off crypto, though, as more stores are added, and more services like credit cards, mortgage payments, and auto loan payments become available.

Further, rather than having to go through a series of exchanges, swaps, and withdrawals in order to turn your crypto into spendable money – you can generally accomplish it in one transaction with Bitrefill; adding all of your needs to one cart & paying with your crypto, without having to convert, first.

This can make tracking your spending a lot easier, and the extra sats-back bonus on most purchases is a far-cry better than paying swap & withdrawal fees elsewhere.

In closing, let me just say that if I can live off crypto when I absolutely needed to, then how much more usable is it for the average holder or casual spender? Part of making crypto useful is actually using it for the things you need, and in my opinion, Bitrefill makes that easier than almost anyone.

Review of Bitrefill by WendyO


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