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The Right To Bear Crypto? Trump Allies Introduce Comprehensive Blockchain Bills

Wendy O talks with Forbes to share her views on the composition of political views across the crypto space, particularly in light of ‘Crypto Conservatives’ who are working as mavericks to regulate the ascent industry.

From Wendy’s experiences, “Most people in crypto are Libertarian…[personally] I like minimal government interaction and believe the people should dictate and govern things to an extent.

Wendy takes a fairly objective view towards Republican lawmakers’ attempts to champion the industry, saying she doesn’t necessarily take it as a negative, and that “at this point, any support to help with guidance is welcome, as for real adoption to take place we need to work alongside the government.’

She echoes a common sentiment in the crypto community, which is broadly assumed to be strife with tax evaders and wrongdoers. Essentially, crypto investors want the legal assurances that come with rules and regulations, they just don’t want to forfeit their autonomy in the process, and a lasting solution must reconcile both of these ends.

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