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Spider Tanks: Planetary Nodes

gala games spider tanks planetary nodes

The flagship PvP eSport brawler Spider Tanks by Gala Games is ready to spin up the Planetary Nodes ahead of the full launch planned for the end of October.

Sponsored by Gala Games

A limited-time one-week license sale beginning August 29th will decide the first Spider Tanks Planetary Node operators.

Pricing will begin at $2000. For each 100 Planetary Node licenses sold, the price will increase by $100. There are no limits per purchase, and there is no max supply for this one-week sale.

Additionally, the price will not increase higher than $5000. Every license that sells beyond #3100 will be locked in at the $5000 price for the duration of the sale.

Run a Spider Tanks Planetary Node

What is Spider Tanks?


Spider Tanks is a 3v3 PvP arena brawler in which teams battle in short duration matches.

There is a huge variety of different Weapons and Bodies available, which can all be leveraged for different strategies and team dynamics. Players can switch out components while planning for battle in the Tank Garage.

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch – Strategize with allies and destroy opponents. Team with the most kills when the timer hits 0 wins.

Capture the Chicken – Pick up chickens scattered throughout the arena and deliver them to one of two chicken barrels. Whichever team gets more wins.

Capture the Flag – Grab the flag and stay alive! The team who holds the flag for the most cumulative time throughout the match wins.

oaks battles in the dragon cave
Battle action from the mighty Oaks in the Dragon Cave

NFT Assets: Tank Bodies, Tank Weapons, and Maps

Tank Bodies and Weapons can be upgraded using a combination of SILK, GALA and/or Arachnium (an off-chain, in-game currency). Maps will be paired with Nodes to earn rewards.


Tanks and Tank parts

Every match a player wins, they will receive Victory Points based on the rarity and level of their NFTs.


Map owners will receive Victory Points based on the Map’s rarity and level for each match played on their NFTs in the Map Queue.

Planetary Nodes

Node operators receive Victory Points for each match hosted by their Node via the Node Queue.

Pilot Program

Even if a player doesn’t own a Tank NFT they may still participate in Spider Tanks by playing through the Pilot Program. Participating pilots can get a Tank from the pool and the owner and pilot will split the Victory Points awarded.

What are Planetary Nodes?

A Spider Tanks Planetary Node is part of a decentralized network that hosts various aspects of Spider Tanks matches. They can be run from a Node operator’s home computer or a cloud service.

They can be run on the same device as other Gala Nodes, as long as it’s the only Planetary Node, and meets minimum requirements.

Spider Tanks Planetary Node System Requirements
Spider Tanks Planetary Node System Requirements

Planetary Nodes are the primary cornerstone of the Spider Tanks ecosystem, and are thus rewarded with SILK. An active Planetary Node operator receives rewards for every single match hosted, but can also increase those rewards by pairing their own NFTs.

The Node Queue

In every Spider Tanks match, a Planetary Node and a player-owned Map are paired together in order for Victory Points rewards. Your own Map can be paired with your own Planetary Node to increase reward potential.

Planetary Node Queue
Planetary Node Queue

The Node Depot

If a Node operator also owns Tank Bodies, Tank Weapons or Map NFTs, they can pair those NFTs with their own Planetary Node by placing it in one of their Planetary Node’s Depot spaces.

By pairing their own NFTs with a Node they operate, a player can generate additional Victory Points rewards. Planetary Nodes can be upgraded to occupy more spaces in the Node Queue for more rewards.

Future Plans

The initial release of Planetary Nodes will be a lite version with the eventual goal to enable distributed hosting of matches through Planetary Node network.

The current roadmap also has player-owned Factories being introduced. We’ll be excited to follow along and see how that adds to the extensive Spider Tanks ecosystem.


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