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“Tanks for the memories”, a Spider Tanks primer

spider tanks by gala games and gamedia

What would May Mayhem be without some fast-paced play-to-earn battle action! This PvP brawler game is sure to be a huge hit in eSports.

Sponsored by Gala Games

Hello, maggots, and welcome to Spider Tank Commander Boot Camp.

Full Metal Jacket

Today we’ll be covering some of the basics in an attempt to keep you from going eight legs-up on the battlefield. So hop up in your favorite armored arachnid, and let’s spin a web of borderline competency.

Choosing Your Weapons

What type of commander are you, anyway? That’s the first question you need to ask yourself. Now, some commanders like to get up close & personal, and others like to take a more defensive approach. You even have some who focus on repairing their allies, or dealing damage from afar. It’s really about finding the approach that works best for you, and leaning hard into it.

gala games spider tanks choose your weapons
Building out your tank for battle

If you like to control battlefield positioning, you might try weapons like the Beat Blaster, or abilities like Vortex Zone, Grapnel Launcher, and Repulsor Zone. All of these can push or pull your enemies around the battlefield, helping to set them up for attacks from you or nearby allies.

Maybe that isn’t your style, though. Maybe you like to get up close and personal, with a Shotgun or Reactive Plating. The shotgun for charging headlong into the fray, and the plating for temporary damage absorption and area-of-effect damage once exhausted.

oaks battles in the dragon cave
There’s no hiding from OAKS GGG in the dragon cave!

Perhaps you like to run & gun? Then you might try a Speed Booster and Twin Guns to zip across the battlefield, spraying & praying the entire way.

Whatever your strategy, there are weapons and abilities available that will complement it, or shore up your weaknesses. Be sure to check each one, also keeping in mind which weapons or abilities might work best with your tank’s body.

spider tanks and the art of war
“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” -Sun Tzu

Spider Tanks: The Art of War

Sunny would’ve made a great tank commander. One of the most important lessons you can learn when piloting a Spider Tank, is that you should only close your distance to firing range if you have an advantage over your enemy.

If they’re already damaged, it might be just the time to swoop in for the kill. If they are in better shape than you? It might be time to spread out and find a repair kit.

The second most important lesson that you can learn is to find a group that compliments you. If they have someone focused on repairs, and someone focused on spraying & praying from a distance, and you happen to be great at rushing in close for the kills? That might be a perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you are leaving it up to random chance, you might find your team woefully unbalanced & unprepared. This is why it pays to have a few friendly commanders you mesh well with.

gravy gang guild
Gravy Gang Guild

Be sure to check out the Spider Tank commanders’ lounge in the official Gala discord for networking with others and team-building, or the Gravy Gang Guild if you’re looking for a different ‘flavor’ for your team.

The Primary Objective Directive

Last, but definitely not least, you need to be aware of what type of battle you’re going into.

spider tanks collect chickens

Collect and deliver chickens!?

Different builds can be more or less useful depending on your objectives. Are you chasing down chickens in order to restore our supply lines? Then having Reactive Plating or Shield Projector and a Speed Booster might work out for you. The speed booster will help you get to the chickens faster, and the plating or shield will help protect you while you’re unloading the chickens into our supply barrels.

spider tanks shield projector

A Speed Booster, Cloak Drone, or Relay Drone might help you escape enemies faster if you’ve Captured the Flag in another battle type.

For a straight-up deathmatch, though, you just want to make sure you’ve got a well-rounded team, because cohesive attacks and defense just might make the difference between winning the day, or filling the scrap yard.

oaks gravy gang guild mvp win
Oaks from Gravy Gang Guild MVP win over Benefactor!

Alright, recruit. You’ve made an old drill sergeant proud. You’ve learned your lessons, and you’ve signed the liability waiver: now get out there and try not to shoot the wall for most of the battle.

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