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TikTok Crypto Influencers Teaching New Investors

cryptowendyo teaching crypto tiktok

An informal group of self-styled crypto influencers are using TikTok and other online platforms to educate those wanting to learn about cryptocurrency markets and projects

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The ‘moon bag’ strategy is a core investing strategy for CryptoWendyO and her followers. With a TikTok video that scored over 500,000 views, she detailed the moon bag as a strategy where you withdraw your initial principal from your investment and then simply let the profits continue to play in the market.

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The goal is to take that initial investment from the original project and then invest it into another project. From there, she says to ‘rinse and repeat’ the process.

CryptoWendyO argues that “TikTok is a great platform to get a large amount of information in a concise amount of time.” She then continued, saying she believes more people will watch her information on a TikTok compared to reading the usual cryptocurrency Twitter post.

CryptoWendyO confirms she discloses all sponsors that financially support her videos, as per the community standards of the TikTok platform.

Originally, CryptoWendyO wasn’t exactly serious about pursuing TikTok as a content creation platform. Instead, Ben Armstrong, otherwise known as BitBoy Crypto, convinced her to join in on TikTok.

Now she makes several TikTok videos every day, analyzing Bitcoin’s price movement, responding to questions in the comments or rounding up the top daily news stories in crypto.

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