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4 crypto influencers share their top utility coins and why they believe each has a strong use-case

Investing in cryptocurrencies isn’t like investing in stocks. There aren’t many analysts from legacy firms who are putting out monthly projections on price growth, or companies releasing quarterly earnings reports.

With speculation once again driving prices up for all cryptos, even many that are statistically destined to fail, Business Insider features Wendy to get her take on strong, utility-driven projects that she likes right now in crypto.

Though Wendy reviews many projects across social media platforms, she indicated that her top pick right now is Solana (SOL), namely for the fact that it’s Ethereum’s primary competitor at present.

Wendy like Solana because it has the same capabilities as Ethereum while also addressing its biggest flaws: its transaction fees, or gas.

These fees can climb as high as $1,000 or more during periods of irregularly heightened activity, and Wendy sees this as a major barrier to entry for the growing segment of people wanting to dabble in the space.

This is why she is a long term holder of Solana, and also stakes it for returns as high as 8%.

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