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Virtual Land and Buildable Worlds

nft metaverse buildable worlds

A look into the metaverse of open, virtual, playable, shareable, explorable, buildable worlds and land for creatives and digital visionaries

Hi, folks. Sherpa here again to discuss more of the fun “utility NFTs” in the space, and the concepts they’re working on.

NFT Map Seeds

Specifically, “seed-NFTs”, or “map seeds”, where you sell land or specific “seeds” (generated worlds) in games like Minecraft, etc. This is a fun concept, because you already see parallels in modern gaming – there are a whole bevy of platforms that have hosted servers, or tailored instances of games & sell access or premium benefits.

So it isn’t a huge leap to think taking third party payment processors out of the mix might be a value-add for some folks. But let’s look at an example, and what they’ve done so far – and how I’d like to see the concept refined, personally.

nft buildable worlds

Buildable Worlds

NFT Worlds isn’t the first take on the concept, but they do seem to be making progress & moving in the right direction. As it stands, purchased NFT Worlds seeds can be accessed through their World Manager, which shows you the world seed you’d use to actively play in your world. Full disclosure, I did purchase some to test functionality at rollout, and once they add the “save” & “multiplayer” functionality.

playable buildable worlds

The NFT’s metadata gives you a full breakdown of your seed’s geological composition & unique features, and the ability to save & player multiplayer with friends in your own NFT Minecraft world. What I would like to see, if I were advising such a team, is for future mints to include other games, and for the platform itself to rent server hosting & offer mod support for the games.

Again, this is something that already exists in traditional markets, and would be a huge value-add to anyone using the platform & purchasing NFT Worlds. “…but what other games could this be done with?”, you might ask. Well, most games with procedurally-generated maps would probably work well. I’ve seen other projects, like MyMetaverse, work on integrating earning NFTs into games like Minecraft & GTA V, as well.

minecraft metaverse nft worlds

But, again, the ideal would be a platform with as much functionality as any of their competitors in traditional gaming; hosting servers for seed NFT-linked games. Those companies make setting up a server as easy as a few clicks – adding mods? A few more clicks. They have different options for hosted servers, and even teamspeak/discord hosted servers.

buildable worlds

All of these things are better, more functional utilities than an NFT project that might be offering…what? Hats & t-shirts with a picture on it? But that’s just one shitcoiner’s opinion. Regardless, I’m excited to see where “seed NFTs” go. The elevator pitch is that you’re integrating NFTs into games that are already fun, and already popular – something most crypto games aren’t, historically. But, as always – do your own research. Utility is in the eye of the person paying for it, or something to that effect. Until next time, this has been Shitcoin Sherpa for Wendy’s Whitepaper.

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