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Mona& Frens: Web3 Is A Joke

Web 3 comedy

An Evening of all things Comedy, Web3 and Networking

Join us!

From Crypto, NFTs to metaverse, we answer the important questions everyone is dying to know – “What the actual #!%# is web3?! What is crypto, NFTs, or a Metamask?! You paid how much for that jpeg?!” “What’s a Ethereum?”

Join us as we tear up, talk #!%#, and teach about a fast-growing space that is still a joke to everyone (and doesn’t make any sense)

We invite you to join the roast (and toast) to web3 and teach people what web3 actually is! If you’re an expert (and a builder) in the space, come build with us and show the ways of web3 and why it’s so culturally important and game-changing (or not.)

Host: Mona Shaikh (Comedian, Creator& Producer of Mona& Frens)

Web3 Panelists

Crypto WendyO (Crypto Trader)

Austin & Aaron Arnold (Altcoin Daily)

Phil Ranta (COO, We are Verified)


Erica Rhodes (Comedy Central)

Bill Dawes (Mo, Netflix)

Francisco Ramos (Netflix Is A Joke)

Music: DJ Red (KDAY 93.5)

Followed by connecting community members to build lasting relationships and provide opportunities in the exciting world of Web 3.

6pm: Doors Open/Red Carpet

730pm: Web3 Panel & Q&A

830pm: Live Comedy Show


Venue: Famecast-Santa Monica 1533 26th Street Santa Monica, CA

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