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Wendy’s Whitepaper is a free crypto blog and newsletter focusing on the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, trading, DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs

Hey Babes! Welcome to Wendy’s Whitepaper! You’ll find articles on everything crypto including bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, latest news, technical analysis, guides and tutorials, as well as information on my events, charities, and press releases.

Feel free to look around or sign up for my email newsletter so you don’t miss anything. If you came from substack, you are already subscribed. Look for emails to start coming from newsletter@vrl.smx.mybluehost.me and don’t forget to check your spam folder. You can mark us as ‘not-spam’ or add us to your address book now to get around the spam filters.

*We’ll keep the substack site updated for awhile as we move the rest of the articles to the new blog.

The new and improved Wendy’s Whitepaper will give you the ability to search and browse by category or author, and the email newsletter will now include the option to manage your own preferences. You decide what you want in your inbox and how often.

From day one this has all been about learning crypto and documenting my own journey. We’ve come a long way since then and I have created over a thousand YouTube videos, hundreds more on TikTok, met so many great people, and amassed a huge network in the crypto community.

I started this crypto blog and newsletter because I was getting so many emails from the community I couldn’t answer them all. I love that you are interested in learning crypto and I love talking to you about it. So keep it coming and I will continue to answer as many as I can. I’ll keep doing videos and forwarding all of your requests to my team as well.

This is the best way for me to help new folks understand the complexity of bitcoin and crypto, and give you access to my network. We try to keep it tech-lite most of the time, with some deeper dives mixed in for those that want to go down that rabbit hole.

I’m getting so many emails and questions all over my socials. So I’m adding more staff writers and always looking for guest writers.

If you are interested in contributing please email cryptowendyo@protonmail.com with a sample of your writing, and if you have requests… keep ’em coming on my socials and we’ll do our best to get those questions answered. Let’s go!

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