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Wendy joins Altcoin daily

Wendy joins this episode of Altcoin Daily to talk through Bitcoin and Polygon with respect to the current market cycle, sharing her thoughts about the BTC price chart in the short term and into late 2021.

Wendy directs attention to Bitcoin’s historical charts to highlight the evidence that supports her thesis of a 60-200% price move for Bitcoin in the later half of 2021, though she always remains cautious with her positions when Bitcoin approaches critical levels of either support or resistance.

With respect to Polygon, Wendy expresses excitement about Matic providing a layer-2 scaling solution that helps users and builders navigate some of the early bugs that make actually using Ethereum difficult in these earlier days.

This sort of direct use and benefit that comes with polygon is what makes it such an attractive project to Wendy, as it means increases the long term likelihood for actual, organic demand for the solutions it provides.

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