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WendyO with Arculus at Bitcoin 2022 Miami

bitcoin miami arculus wendyo meet greet live stream

Come see me at the Arculus booth for a Meet & Greet plus Live Stream! Follow my socials for updates and play-by-play action.

Big thanks to my sponsor Arculus for making this possible!

Watch my interview with founder Adam Lowe to learn more about Arculus.

wendyo arculus founder interview the o show


“With the Arculus cryptocurrency cold storage wallet solution, you keep your private keys securely in your pocket — giving you a safe, intuitive way to store and manage your crypto 24/7.” -Arculus

Bitcoin 2022 Miami

With a physical footprint over 500,000 square feet, Bitcoin 2022 offers a wide range of content across several programming categories with unique stages and topics featured throughout all 4 days of the conference.

bitcoin miami 2022 discount code

Miami, FL April 6-9

Miami Beach Convention Center

Register with code: MOON22 for 10% discount

nakamoto stage


The largest stage at Bitcoin 2022 featuring the most significant announcements, conversations, and topics throughout the conference. The Nakamoto stage will also serve as a main performance stage during Sound Money Fest.

genesis stage


The Genesis Stage will feature a wide range of content with an emphasis on the early days of bitcoin and its emergent community. You’ll hear from prominent thought leaders about bitcoin’s origin story, philosophical implications and the grassroots movements advancing hyperbitcoinization.

mining stage


The Mining Stage will facilitate a comprehensive deep-dive on the bitcoin mining ecosystem during the first three days of the conference. Discussions will include representatives from every corner of the mining industry from large regulated mining operations to small home miners and everything in between.

opensource stage


A conference hall dedicated to open source projects and contributors. A wide variety of open source focused content will take place on this stage during the first three days of Bitcoin 2022 including highly technical discussions during Industry Day. The hall includes many tables so unstructured workshops and breakout discussions can easily take place when the stage is not being used.

enterprise stage


On Industry Day, the Enterprise Stage will host Bitcoin 2022’s Pitch Day competition. Throughout the following GA days, the stage will host enterprise-focused Bitcoin content. The Enterprise Stage will provide experts an opportunity to more deeply explore conversations started on Industry Day, as well as companies an opportunity for direct engagement with the larger Bitcoin community.

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