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zkSync Airdrop Update

zksync airdrop update

Fresh with new funding and big announcements, the airdrop hunt is on for zkSync!

What is zkSync?

zkSync by Matter Labs is an attempt to bring the cypherpunk mindset of the early crypto community to Layer 2 with an open-source, privacy-focused zkRollup. They’ve come a long way since Sherpa covered the basics here as part of a series on rollups.

Recently, they completed another $200M raise and now have a total of $458M in mission-driven funding, announced to go full open source, and reserved ⅔ of a “potential” future token for the ecosystem.

zksync big bang alpha launch
zksync big bang alpha launch

The Big Bang is nearing and will be the largest Layer-2 launch in the history of crypto. This is when zkSync opens the gates to full launch alpha with over 150 different projects simultaneously!

Gib Airdrop?

First, let’s be clear that nobody from zkSync or Matter Labs has ever stated definitively that there will even be a token. However, they do talk about this “potential” token and have also said this will be community owned. So, we’ll let you decide what that means.

If history is any indication, the best way to qualify for airdrops is participation and the amount of participation can increase your chances or even increase the amount of the airdrop.

Even if you don’t care about airdrops, this is still a great way to learn and get a head start on the next wave of scaling in crypto. So, let’s get into it…

We have a few ways to participate.

1. Community

2. Testnet

3. Mainnet

Community Tasks

The easiest and most obvious would be to visit zkSync’s Crew3 quest board and complete some or all of the tasks listed. You’ll need Metamask, Twitter, and Discord to complete everything.


zksync crew3 quest board
zksync crew3 quest board

Testnet Tasks

First, we’ll need to add the zkSync test network.

zksync add test network
zksync add test network

Add the zkSync 2.0 testnet network to Metamask by going to Settings → Add Network and filling in the following information:

Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet
New RPC URL: https://zksync2-testnet.zksync.dev
Chain ID: 280
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://zksync2-testnet.zkscan.io/

Now use the faucet to get some testnet ETH and use the bridge. Then make some transfers. You’ll need to make a tweet to use the faucet. You can also use discord to get test funds. It’s basically just play money so explore, have fun, and try it out.



Mainnet Tasks

If you want to try some apps with real funds, go to the ecosystem page and check out some of the live apps like Mute, Orbiter, or ZigZag.


I would encourage joining the discord and asking questions if you encounter any issues or just want to learn more. Until next time… happy hunting! and gib airdrop!

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