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Beer Money or Bear Money? More ways to stack sats

beer bear

Whether you’re trying to earn beer money or stack easy sats for some ‘bear money’, Sherpa goes over how reddit is #stackingsats

Despite recent upside for some, and hints of more downside for others…until confirmation, I’m still going to assume we’re in a bear market for the foreseeable future.

As I’ve gone over in previous articles, the bear market is the time to build, the time to stack sats, and the time to eye the rock-bottom prices on the gems you’ve been digging up. I like to cover a few ways of ‘stacking sats’ every now & again, but please DYOR as none of these are evergreen.

That is, the situation at any one of them can change. Faucets dry up. Offers & gigs pay less. These are all things that can happen, and you should also be aware that most of these ‘free’ offers involve some amount of data collection, surveys, paid videos, et all.

I’m sourcing these from the /beermoney Subreddit, as I wanted to see which services are actually paying ‘normal’ folks out in crypto. A lot of them seem to pay via Coinbase, which may not be ideal for some, and most are relegated to US/UK/CA users – though not all.

As always, you can stack sats safely on the things you’re already buying by ‘cashing out’ to gift cards at Bitrefill and getting sats back on almost every purchase.

For the rest of these? I’d at least be aware of what you’re connecting. Maybe have a separate email just for surveys & spam. Maybe use an old phone that connects to wifi & run through a VPN. Maybe a burner phone number. Some services may not dig it, but all I’m cautioning is to be aware of what’s on sale, here: user data. These plays, at least, seem to be paying people for the intrusion.

Unless stated otherwise, the links are ref links. I’m testing them just as well as the /beermoney folks, specifically so I can update in the future on crypto withdrawals. Feel free to use google if you just hate ref links real bad.

“I just hate it when some other fella makes a nickel.”

Freecash (International, but really mostly US/UK/CA/AU)

Description via /beermoney

Quick review of the site, since the /beermoney thread might be outdated in some cases, Freecash has actually added a few more crypto withdrawal options, which start at $0.50 to withdraw on some, or $.25 to withdraw to their gambling/gaming partner, Stake, who also accepts crypto deposits with an attached bonus.

Checking the Earn section, it’s your typical offerwall. A lot (but not all) of the mobile game options will require a purchase in order to earn, but some just require a bit of grinding. I’m pretty familiar with the various offerwall companies, and finding the easiest route to complete can take some work, but once you get the hang of it? Fairly simple.

A lot of times it’ll be starting a free trial, for which I’ll tend to keep a prepaid card or Paypal account handy, since it makes it easier to deny future payments without jumping through hoops. You just drain the card or deny payment approval in Paypal; easy cancel, if they make it hard. Not financial (or life) advice, but again – if you limit access & risk, sometimes easy money is actually out there.

In a lot of cases it’s crappy apps or newsreaders trying to game their DAU (Daily Active Users), downloads, or ratings numbers by juicing them through a paid service. The only upshot to this being that sometimes they pay you.

One example offer from Freecash


Description via /beermoney

I’ll be honest, the UI for GG2U looks like garbage. Knowing offerwall offers, though, they’ve actually got some decent ‘easy money’ ones like Nielsen Ratings, etc. & their cashout minimum is $7.

You can set it up (presumably with KYC) to withdraw to Coinbase (3% fee) or Paypal, so if you have a few minutes to kill at the bus stop or something? There’s some games that do pay a buck or two just for playing fifteen minutes or so; read the T&C’s before trying, but again: they need the numbers, and so some will pay.

A coin = a penny, so 150 = $1.50, which makes this a decent enough offer for new users on a junk phone. Your mileage may vary.


Description via /beermoney

At the time of this writing, ETH withdraws were ‘under maintenance’, but BTC and LTC were still available – although the Bitcoin fees in their native ‘gold’ are fairly high, the LTC fee is low & only required 500 gold. This is more an offerwall & paid video aggregator, so they have connected surveys & profiles from tons of offerwalls, with each paying a bit differently & I’m sure region-specific.

Checking out some of the offers from “BitLabs”, though, even the basic surveys were enough to get a minimum withdrawal in LTC, usually.

Example Offers

LTC Withdrawal screen


Description via /beermoney

The setup here is almost identical to GamerMine, although it allows connectivity to your Steam profile rather than the typical ‘easy registration’ with Google. They offer Doge, Dash, Bitcoin, Paypal, and Litecoin as options for cashing out, but again, Litecoin seems to be the cheapest withdrawal method at…free?

With daily bonuses & 100 at registration, the typical task gets you pretty close to a quick LTC withdraw, which I like. This is another offerwall aggregator, meaning that they’ve got banners for a bunch of different offerwall providers or survey companies, and it’s all connected to their redemption & point system.

Offers will vary, but typical offers were along the lines of ‘download TikTok if you haven’t yet’, and with the bonus – you’re already at the LTC minimum.


As I said, I’m honestly pretty used to offerwalls & offerwall aggregators. For a while, I’d admit that I made a hobby of finding ways to ‘game’ them; it’s in my nature to search for exploits. I won’t go into all that, here, but it usually involved burner numbers & the like.

Regardless, you can limit what data you’re willing to sell, but if the bear market has you aching to stack sats, at least use services reviewed by countless others rather than the ‘free mint’ scam you saw a verified Twitter account shilling. (Spoiler alert: It just steals your stuff!)

Much better, in some cases, to earn through other means, off-chain, and in a way that never involves connecting your wallet. These services, at least, just had simple withdrawals. An address or a Coinbase account, and beermoney is riddled with folks posting their proofs & monthly Earnings Reports for different services.

DYOR, and again: only risk what data you’re willing to, and only expose the email accounts, mobile devices, etc. that you’re willing to. You can limit exposure to all of these things & still utilize most of these services up to a point. Also, be sure to check out the /beermoney subreddit, as it was an invaluable resource for finding reviews & proofs of withdrawal for all these services & more.

There are plenty more services there that only allow payout to Paypal or other fiat-based services, so if that’s your bag – by all means, check them out, too. Until next week: Stay safe & stack sats.


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