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BUIDL for the Bear Market

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Free Courses: Learn how to code crypto and #buidl for the bear market, for the bull market, for yourself, for your community, for everyone!

In this week’s article, I’d like to dive into how to learn & build during the bear market. A lot of folks exit the market entirely when things take a turn, but this is generally how the market cleanses itself & resets.

You get so many hype projects launching during the bull market, with pie-in-the-sky ambitions, and not enough skill to carry them through. This means that when the fervor subsides & the market begins to settle, they’re left with a crowd of nervous community members & a lot of work ahead. Most will take this opportunity to bow out.

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For those of us who stick it out & let the cycle run its course, we have all the time in the world to learn skills & build, and when the market turns around – we will be in high demand.

Now, a lot of folks will be intimidated by the prospect of building something, but by this point there are so many resources available that you can grab your kid or niece/nephew & have them learn right alongside you. Let’s dive into a couple of options to get you started…

Crypto Zombies

crypto zombies learn to code crypto

Crypto Zombies uses a fun, visually-impressive series of step-by-step tutorials to teach you everything from the basic to intermediate smart contract “zombie factory” tutorial to chainlink oracle feeds & computation to zksync basic & advanced concepts all in a light, digestible way.

crypto zombies learn to code crypto

As with a lot of sites aiming to teach children how to code, everything that you need in order to find the answer is on-screen, and you can try answers repeatedly until you get them right. If you create an account, you can even track your progress & complete a lesson a day until you’re comfortable.

The beautiful thing about completing these lessons is that even if you don’t intend to build anything in crypto, just playing around with these tutorials will give you a much better understanding of concepts & contracts, which makes you better able to evaluate projects in the future.



BuildSpace is better for more advanced users, so it would be a good idea to get through a fair bit of CryptoZombies before you move on. You’ll have to click “Login” and register an account to complete projects & track your progress. They offer guided projects in NFTs & web3 apps, Building a Solana app using javascript & react.js (no Rust!), building a DAO using js, and more!

buildspace setup local tooling

Buildspace tutorials sometimes require you to download linked tools, but again, every step is laid out for you & if you can read things & then copy/paste commands – you’re halfway there.

Start on Solana

start building on solana

Start on Solana has an abundance of resources for learning how to do anything and everything on Solana, from airdrop programs to a NFT candy machine all the way to building a messaging app using Rust.

Once again, it can seem fairly complicated up-front, but most of the commands you’ll be using are simple copy & paste. If you dedicate a weekend to trying a new tutorial once per month, you will know Ethereum & Solana better than 95% of users, and you’ll have a fair chance of finding work in crypto.

start on solana setting up your environment

The thing most people won’t tell you is that trading is for the birds; there are high highs & low lows, but when you work for crypto, you can stack without needing to put more money in. Bitcoin may be scarce, but in a bull market I can absolutely assure you that competent devs & auditors are even more rare.

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Dapp University

dapp university

Dapp University is a great resource for folks who learn better from video & audio instruction, rather than reading everything. Gregory has a ton of videos on creating dapps & such, alongside his regular market analysis updates.

He offers a “bootcamp” & other services, but the free videos come with a link to a project github, so you can follow along with all the code there.

dapp university youtube courses

This just about wraps it up for this week, but there are other resources you can check out if you burn through all of these. Consensys has both free & paid courses, Chainstack has a random smattering among multiple networks, and Kauri was a community-driven knowledge hub that has spun out while maintaining the archive. Some of the information there may be a little outdated, but the wealth of knowledge collected is pretty staggering.

Until next time, don’t let the bear market get you down: just get out there & build back better.


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