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Phantom Wallet for Solana: Setup Guide

wendys whitepaper phantom wallet guide

The Phantom wallet is a non-custodial easy to setup and user friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi, Staking, Token Swaps, and NFTs

Hi, folks. Sherpa here again with a quick tutorial on Phantom wallet & adding funds in order to trade on a Solana-based DEX, buy some Sol NFTs, or whatever you please.

solana phantom turn browser into crypto wallet

Visit https://phantom.app/ making sure you’re at the right site & not a lookalike or phishing clone. Always check the URL in your browser.

Click “add to chrome” and follow the prompts all the way to “add extension”

On the new tab that opens, you’ll want to click “Create New Wallet”

*This is also where you would use a seed phrase to restore a wallet by clicking “Use Secret Recovery Phrase”

phantom create new wallet

Save your seed words in a secure location, making sure they are properly secured & not in an unencrypted document on your desktop.

phantom create new wallet save seed phrase

Now you’ll be asked to create a password to further secure your account. Make sure it’s something secure & additionally backed up or memorable.

phantom create new wallet password

Now you’ll need to deposit some SOL, by clicking the “deposit SOL” button & then choosing whether to deposit from your FTX account, or from another wallet or exchange.

solana phantom wallet deposit sol tokens

If you already have some SOL on FTX or in another wallet, it’s as easy as copying the address & sending SOL to it. If not, you’ll need to purchase some SOL & send to your new phantom wallet address in order to start transacting.

Once you have SOL in a wallet, you can bridge either from ETH to SOL via restoring your wallet to sollet.io & converting there as shown in our Sollet Tutorial – or by using The Wormhole or other such bridges.

WendyO Video: Phantom Wallet Guide

Watch: Phantom Wallet Guide (7:01)


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