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TikTok influencer brings crypto to the masses

cryptowendyo filming tiktok videos for her crypto audience

CryptoWendyO is among a new class of influencers narrating the wild wild west of crypto for her audience on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube

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CryptoWendyO takes a balanced approach towards her commentary and coaching on crypto. This comes as a stark difference compared to the usual sentiment of the crypto enthusiasts who proclaim that they will never sell their crypto and hoard it all till ‘the moon.’

As a renowned influencer who guides her audience with practical and easy to understand strategies, CryptoWendyO always reminds her audience that the crypto projects they love may not ultimately survive.

Streamers like CryptoWendyO provide different levels of understanding for viewers who are just getting into crypto and those looking to tackle events in the space with a high understanding.

Over three years, CryptoWendyO has managed to draw in audiences of over 150,000 followers on TikTok, 150,000 on Twitter, and 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. In addition, her streams cater to a large portion of female viewers, making up about 43% of her audience.

She hosts in person crypto networking meetups and has a fun Instagram page where followers get a behind the scenes look at the busy mom behind the name. If that’s not enough, she also hosts a Telegram channel for her followers to interact and talk all things crypto.

The core motivation of her content is centered around education on cryptocurrency, where you feel like it’s not impossible to understand if you’re new. As a mom raising a young daughter, CryptoWendyO feels a personal responsibility to provide as much value to those who watch her content.

As more young people flood into the crypto sphere, influencers like CryptoWendyO will be there to ensure they receive reliable news in a digestible manner. However, she urges investors always to weigh the risks and do their own research.

CryptoWendyO states: “Crypto has improved the quality of my life, and I believe everyone deserves the same.” She has unfortunately dealt with a lot of past trauma due to coming from a more impoverished background. Yet, with resilience, she refuses to let that affect her negatively as she continues to provide quality education for those that tune in to her CryptoWendyO shows.

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